Our Strategy

Our Strategy and Approach

Our global sustainability program, Sail & Sustain, is centered around our commitment to drive a positive impact on society and the environment while delivering on our vision to be the vacation of choice for everyone around the world. We visit approximately 700 destinations globally, allowing our guests to travel and explore the world, and our business is inextricably linked to the preservation of our planet and the protection of our shared resources.     

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy is focused on five pillars and was developed through cross-functional collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders. As we continue our ESG journey, we look forward to building upon this foundation and meaningfully contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we collectively chart a path towards a more sustainable future.


Reducing Environmental Impact

  • Combat climate change
  • Protect our oceans
  • Minimize waste to landfills
  • Conserve fresh water
  • Increase our sustainable sourcing

Sailing Safely

  • Protect health and safety
  • Provide a clean and safe environment

Empowering People

  • Promote diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Recruit, retain and develop talent
  • Engage team members
  • Support employee well-being

Strengthening Our Communities

  • Support and invest in local communities
  • Provide disaster relief

Operating with Integrity and Accountability

  • Practice good governance
  • Get results the right ways
  • Respect human rights
  • Protect personal data and respect privacy

A Message From Our President & CEO

As I step into my new role as President & CEO of this storied Company, I am immensely proud of the collective actions of our team members worldwide, who along with our vast network of partners continue to advance our efforts to drive a positive impact on society and the environment. It is truly an honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to lead this team of nearly 40,000 passionate, dedicated and talented individuals who are committed to deliver on our business and financial goals in a responsible way, while striving to make a difference in the world. I firmly believe that our Sail & Sustain efforts are not just the right thing to do, but make us a stronger and more resilient company for years to come.

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Materiality Assessment and Matrix

The ESG materiality assessment outlines the most important topics for both our Company and our stakeholders. In 2021, we conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment to ensure we were aligning our ESG program with the most material topics for our key stakeholders. Through interviews and a survey, we engaged internal and external stakeholders to help prioritize the most material ESG topics. We then conducted a workshop with our Sail & Sustain Executive Leadership Council to discuss and validate the findings. We have and will continue to use these findings to inform our ESG strategy and reporting going forward.

Increasing importance to Company

Increasing importance to Skateholders

Reassess Current Programs

  • Reducing Environmental Impact

Strategic Material Priorities

  • Waste and Wastewater Management
  • Reducing Environmental Impact
  • Sailing Safely

Strategic Material Priorities

  • Air Quality & Emissions
  • GHG & Climate Risk
  • Habitat Conservation & Ocean Stewardship
  • Strengthening Communities
  • Operating with Integrity and Accountability
  • Reducing Environmental Impact
  • Sailing Safely

Monitor & Maintain

  • Community Engagement & Economic Development
  • Labor Management
  • Operating with Integrity and Accountability
  • Reducing Environmental Impact

Ongoing Priorities

  • Corporate Governance & Ethics
  • Fuel & Energy Efficiency
  • Empowering People
  • Operating with Integrity and Accountability

Strategic Material Priorities

  • Human Capital Including Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Operating with Integrity and Accountability
  • Reducing Environmental Impact

Monitor & Maintain

  • Responsible Marketing & Communications
  • Water Consumption & Preservation
  • Operating with Integrity and Accountability
  • Reducing Environmental Impact

Ongoing Priorities

  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Responsible Supply Chain

Ongoing Priorities