Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re Committed to Fostering an Inclusive Workforce

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is committed to fostering an inclusive workforce, where diverse backgrounds are represented, engaged and empowered to generate and execute on innovative ideas.

NCLH Workforce Composition

As of December 31, 2022, the composition of our workforce was as follows:

Gender Diversity1

All Global Shoreside Team Members

All Global Shoreside Team Members
Male: 39% Female: 61%

All Global Shoreside Manager/Above

All Global Shoreside Manager/Above
Male: 53% Female: 47%

3-Stripe Above (Manager level equivalent)

3-Stripe Above (Manager level equivalent)
Male: 85% Female: 15%

Ethnic Diversity2


U.S. Shoreside Ethnic Diversity Breakdown3


Shipboard Team Members by Nationality


1 While we present male and female, we acknowledge this is not fully encompassing of all gender identities.

1 Under-represented minority ("URM") is used to describe diverse populations, including Native American, Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino and Native Hawaiian team members in the U.S. Except for Pride of America, we do not track ethnicity/race for our shipboard team members as the majority are URMs from a U.S. perspective.

2 Based on those who have self-identified.

Talent Attraction

We are increasingly focused on presenting a diverse slate of candidates to all hiring managers. We use various forms of outreach to target prospective diverse candidates including posting job openings on diversity organization websites and participating in diverse career fairs. Looking forward, we have partnered with local universities and continue to seek opportunities to enhance our diversity hiring.

Learn More on p. 41-42 of our 2022 ESG Report


The opportunity to grow and develop skills and experience, regardless of job role, division or geographic location, is critical to our success. In 2022, team members, both shoreside and shipboard, completed over 800,000 hours for training and development. Various programs are also available for team members to leverage, including mentorships, language courses and more.

Learn More on p. 45-46 of our 2022 ESG Report


We have long-term partnerships with the National Diversity Council, sponsoring the Florida Diversity Council and its South Florida local chapter. In 2022, we were the proud sponsors of the LGBTQ+ Summit held by the Florida Diversity Council. In 2021, Sixthman, our subsidiary company based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in developing and delivering music-oriented charters, joined the ATL Action for Racial Equity. This new initiative seeks to accelerate racial equity by leveraging the size and scale of the business community and the power of collective impact. Businesses who sign on to the initiative will focus on measurable actions across corporate policies, inclusive economic development, education and workforce development to help in addressing the region’s immobility and inequity challenges.

CEO Action for Diveristy & Inclusion Logo

Learn More on p. 50 of our 2022 ESG Report

Team Member Resource Groups

Our Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGs) are another way for employees to connect, share, discuss important issues and give back to the community. We currently offer three TMRGs and are in the process of exploring the addition of more groups to provide our team members more opportunities to connect and further their development.


Elevate Logo

Elevate is comprised of our Senior Directors and above women leaders based out of the corporate headquarters. The Elevate group meets at least and met more frequently during a remote environment, for support, engagement and personal development. Sessions will vary from networking within this group to self-development offerings focused on topics such as negotiation, personal brand and self-care.

Veteran’s Task Force

Veteran’s Task Force

The Veteran’s Task Force is an ERG comprised of our military veterans. The Task Force has previously been committed to community outreach, support for fellow members and awareness of veteran community needs. In 2022, members of the Veteran’s Task Force founded the Norwegian Military Appreciation Program, which extends an exclusive discount to members of the military, veterans and their spouses to thank them for their service.



In 2022, we launched a new ERG called EMBRACE which focuses on diversity in leadership for managers and above. The groups initial objectives include promoting diversity of thought, journeys and perspectives within our management teams, serving as a feedback channel between front line team members and leadership and establishing a road map for future team member resource groups.

Learn More on p. 49 of our 2022 ESG Report

Supplier Diversity

We recognize the value and importance of a diverse supplier base and are committed to facilitate, promote and encourage the growth of small businesses and businesses owned by diverse and/or economically disadvantaged populations.

In 2022, approximately 47% of our total U.S. supply chain spending was with small businesses or businesses with minority, veteran or economically disadvantaged qualifications.*

*The reported spend represents an estimate based on available data at the time of publication

Learn More on p. 33 of our 2022 ESG Report

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